Wire-O Bound Books

Wire-Bound Book Printing

Wire bound books use a metal, twin-loop binding wire, also called duo-wire. Unlike spiral binding, which uses a continuous plastic coil wound through the binding holes, the twin metal loops in wire-o bound books are one long piece of wire formed into individual loops. These loops are hooked into each hole and then mechanically clamped together with the "seam" inside the back cover.

Wire-o binding is great for formal, professional book presentations.

Wire-o binding is an excellent choice for booklets and formal presentations which need to look professional and attractive.

Please note that wire-o binding is not recommended for books with high pages counts if readers will be flipping pages all the way around the back 360°, as this may bend the wire binding and cause sheets to come loose. For the most durable book binding which can be flipped through easily and held to read in any position, we recommend Spiral instead.

Common Uses of Wire Bound Booklets

  • Business Reports
  • Portfolios
  • Planners
  • Custom Journals
  • Product Manuals
  • Food/Drink Menus
  • Community Directories
  • Hotel Guides

The metal wire binding comes in several color options:


These custom wire binding options pair great with our wide range of cover materials, including heavy cardstocks, colored vinyl, translucent and frosted plastic (clear and colored). Start plugging in your book printing specifications on the order form to see all these great wire-o bound book options.

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Wire-O Bound Books: How They're Made

Watch a short video on how we assemble wire-o bound books:

Wire-O Binding Margin
Binding Margin

For wire-o bound books, the binding will go into the page approximately .25". To make sure you don't have any content that goes into or is too close to the binding, we recommend at least a .5" binding margin. If you are worried how the margins on your book will look, we recommend ordering a hard copy proof first before we print all of your books.

Page Numbers

If you have page numbers in your file and are printing double sided, it is recommended to have alternating page numbers so they stay on the outer edges of the book. If you have your page numbers all on the left or right side of your pages, then half of the page numbers will be in near the binding of the book making it hard to navigate. For a professional look when printing double sided, alternate the location of the page numbers.

Wire-o Book Templates

ZIP files contain templates in JPG, EPS and Illustrator formats.
SizeNo BleedBleed
8.5" x 11"ZIPZIP
8.5" x 11" LandscapeZIPZIP
8.5" x 5.5"ZIPZIP
8.5" x 5.5" LandscapeZIPZIP
8.5" x 14" LandscapeZIPZIP
6" x 9"ZIPZIP
6" x 9" LandscapeZIPZIP
7" x 8.5"ZIPZIP
7" x 8.5" LandscapeZIPZIP
4.25" x 5.5"ZIPZIP
4.25" x 5.5" LandscapeZIPZIP
6.625" x 10.25"ZIPZIP

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