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Printing Services


When you have a trade show, public promotional event, or convention coming up, you can go two ways: wait til the last minute and pay an arm and a leg to get these jobs at your local chain print shop, or hand the work over to TravelArtPlus! We now offer high quality digital color printing for your large format posters, vinyl banners, advertising signs and more. Now the online printing company you trust for your brochures and books specializes in poster printing, as well as banners and signs. You can always count on the same level of quality printing, cheap prices and quick turnaround you've come to expect from us.

Large format poster printing doesn't have to be for a one-time use. Local businesses use advertising signs and big color printing every day in store windows, interior walls and more. We can even print your blueprints for construction planning and engineering projects. Trust in TravelArtPlus for your custom oversized banner and poster printing - you'll be glad you did!

So Many Large Format Printing Options... Which is Right for Me?

Don't feel overwhelmed by all the options we offer. Different situations call for different kinds of oversized printing.

  • Trade Shows / Conventions: If you're setting up a booth or promoting your services in this situation, vinyl banners are a pretty good option - particularly if you'll be using it more than once or at future events. If it's a one-off event, then you might consider paper banners for your custom signage. Not enthralled with the "banner" look? Try mounting your 24"x36" posters or other custom sized printing on poster board.
  • Fundraisers/Banquets: Wherever people gather, and wherever you want attention drawn, there should be a spot for a custom sized banner or large poster. Consider a 24"x36" poster where guests first enter and sign the guest book. A vinyl banner thanking your sponsors could be put to good use in the main area or near the food and drink table. The possibilities are limitless.
  • Outdoor Events: When throwing an event of any sort outdoors, you need to account for things like wind and rain. In this case, scrim vinyl banners are always a safe bet. They can withstand the elements and still look near-new when it's time to use them again next year!

18 x 24 Posters


Price Per Poster on Semi-Gloss.
$7 setup added to all orders.

18 x 24 Banners


Price Per Banner on Vinyl.
$7 setup added to all orders.

18 x 24 Canvas


Price Per Print on 16 mil Artist Matte Canvas.
$7 setup added to all orders.


Limited time offer. Valid on single jobs only.

  • Large Format Posters and SignagePOSTERS / SIGNAGE

    Size and color mean everything in promotion and advertising. Dwarf the surrounding visual distractions by printing large format posters. High quality Borderless printing on HP Photo papers available in Semi-Gloss and High-Gloss for a stunning finished product.

  • Vinyl BannersVINYL BANNERS

    Go big or go home! Our high quality large format banners are printed on a durable vinyl that will not only stand up to the elements but will also look good doing so. Banners come equiped with 1/4" brass grommets to make hanging a breeze.

  • Artist CanvasARTIST CANVAS

    Get your photographs and other art printed on high quality HP Artist Matte Canvas. This slightly textured matte canvas provides great color quality that can stand the test of time - up to 200 years lifespan away from direct sunlight. This is ideal for artists, photographers, and other graphics professionals that wish to wrap their own canvas.

  • Peel and Stick PostersSELF ADHESIVE POSTERS

    With our self adhesive polypropylene posters, you can mount your work to nearly any surface. This is a great option if you are looking to make yard signs or just want to stick your art or advertisements to a wall. The durable polypropylene material not only looks great but also stands up to the elements like rain and wind.