Photo Art with POP Displays

Looking for a great way to attract customers and showcase your city? Look no further than our fantastic selection of quality printed products and point-of-purchase display stands. We offer unique images of cities across California printed on canvas boards, wood planks, acrylic squares, rubber coasters, mini surfboards, and bottle openers. This varied lineup of products gives you, the retailer, the best chance at maximum roi.

Our wholesale pricing and central California location make us one of the most cost effective and efficient manufacturers on the market. We make a commitment to great customer service and look forward to serving your art and souvenir needs. Check out all of our products and great pricing below.

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About Travel Art Plus

Travel Art Plus is committed to providing retailers with the best possible photographic souvenir prints on the market. We hand pick each photograph to ensure that it is not only pleasing to the eye but also works well with the different materials that we print it on. This gives you, the retailer, the best chance at maximum roi and happy customers!

Our hand picked photographs aren’t the only thing that makes us unique. Here are a few other reasons why you’ll want to order with us:

No Middlemen

You’ll buy direct from us, the manufacturer.

Unique Substrates

Everyone has framed wall art. We offer something different.

Attractive Displays

Each order includes the display stand.

Printed in the USA

We're located in San luis Obispo, CA. Shipments to California only take 1 day.

Low Cost Products

You’ll move inventory quickly with low cost wholesale pricing.